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What we do

We help communities, people, other charities and nonprofits with any type of project that could help those in need.

Our mission began with a group of volunteers trying to raise money and help the Red Cross provide shelter and support to refugees from Syria. With time, our team has expanded. From three people, we manage more than 50 volunteers these days – as well as a team of managers to keep everything smooth and easy. As our team enlarged, we have focused on other projects as well. Some of them target countries from South America, but we also extremely active in Asia and Africa. We are not focused on certain areas or countries, but on actual communities. If certain cases seem desperate and more urgent than others, they become our priorities. We have helped communities erect schools and medical centers in the attempt to ease others’ lives. Moreover, access to water, food and electricity is just as important in many communities.
Over the past years, we have also engaged in a different type of projects. While we are mostly aiming to help communities and groups, we also target a plethora of individuals in our projects. Assessing certain communities exposes us to many sad cases – some of them more urgent than others. Kids suffer from all kinds of affections and many of them are potentially fatal if not treated in time. We have raised money for cases involving anemia, leukemia and other similar affections. We have managed to save lives and not by ourselves, but thanks to our team of volunteers and donors. From this point of view, you can go through our ongoing campaigns and choose what you want to help with. There are lots of options out there, as well as numerous cases.
A brief history

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None of us imagined that we would get so much notoriety in such a short time. But with time, we realized that action can change things.

By 2017, we had 10 volunteers in our team. By 2018, there were 25 active helpers. These days, we count more than 50 volunteers in our team. However, the team is much bigger, as we also have managers to organize projects, researchers and professionals with various links. Our projects have also expanded, as a direct consequence of our growth. Moreover, we are no longer active by ourselves. We also get involved with councils and political figures from affected areas in order to find out more about them and identify the main issues targeting places. Furthermore, we have been impressed by specific single cases – such as individuals, rather than communities. Our volunteers and donors’ help kept these people alive – thank you for being part of our mission.
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Higher education rate
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People with access to medical supplies
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Higher life expectancy
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More access to water and food

Our leadership

While most of the work is done by volunteers, none of our projects would be possible without a solid management team.

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