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Our Impacts

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We have helped thousands of people live better lives and none of this could have happened without help from thousands of more fortunate people.

Over 10 thousand donors

Over the years, we have managed to bring together more than 10,000 donors. Some of them involves into large scale projects – such as the construction of schools and hospitals, while others contributed to individual cases.

Thousands of volunteers

Our team puts together more than 50 volunteers – full time members. We also have thousands of volunteers helping from all over the world, whether it comes to raising donations or awareness. Our team keeps growing.

Make the difference

Every campaign that we have created has made an impact. Some of our campaigns have helped communities, while others were targeted at single individuals.

Our new projects target hundreds of thousands of people

Our new projects target hundreds of thousands of people


Bangladesh has many communities with no access to medical supplies and education – chances are we will focus on these areas.


Ethiopia has always struggled with poverty, access to water and food. We will soon join the area to help communities dealing with such issues.


Certain areas of Mozambique have no access to electricity, meaning school and other basic necessities are out of discussion too.


Sudan struggles to cope with multiple problems, from access to water and food to access to medical supplies and education.

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