Making Your Words An Asset Not A Liability

How To Improve What You Say, When You Say, and How You Say It

Is communication in your comm center less than ideal? Are your messages getting received in ways you do not intend? This course will explore a variety of tools and concepts that will enable you to understand yourself and those around you better, allow you to assess your own communication needs and the barriers that keep you from being more effective and also teach you how to assess and effectively navigate communication with even the most challenging employees.

Dr Kimberly Miller, Licensed Psychologist/Organizational Consultant, Kimberly A. Miller & Associates

MillerDr. Kimberly Miller is a sought after speaker, consultant and trainer who has been inspiring and motivating individuals in our profession for over 10 years. Dr. Miller has worked with public safety agencies of all sizes at the city, county and state level around the US and Canada and is a highlighted speaker at national, regional and state conferences. Dr. Miller is known for her strength-based approach to her work and the skill-based, engaging training and consultation services she offers. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Auburn University, a Master’s degree in clinical psychology from Ball State University, and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Colorado State University. In addition to her academic credentials, Dr. Miller has significant experience in leadership and mentoring with over 20 years of serving in supervisory and leadership roles.

*This session is not available for CEU credit.