Locution Systems Introduces New Dispatch Mapping for PrimeAlert System

Locution Systems’ new in-station dispatch mapping and dispatch mapping for smartphones & tablets provide extra alerting information for firefighters & paramedics in fire stations and on the road 

GOLDEN, Colo., August 15, 2016 – Locution Systems, Inc. (www.locution.com), provider of the PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System for fire and EMS departments, today introduced new mapping applications for in-station mapping, smartphones, and tablets at the 2016 APCO public safety conference.  Locution Systems will be showing this new dispatch mapping at APCO 2016 booth # 1173.

Locution Systems new PrimeAlert(r) dispatch mapping provides in-station mapping, and mapping for smartphones & tablets.PrimeAlert® Responder is a mapping application for fire stations that runs on monitors positioned in central areas of the fire station.  When dispatches arrive at the fire station, PrimeAlert® Responder displays at-a-glance dispatch information with a map on the right side of the screen showing the location of the emergency, and with dispatch information and street view on the left side. This allows responders to get a fast-track view of where they’re going while they’re heading toward the apparatus bay.

PrimeAlert® Responder On-The-Go is an interactive mobile app for smartphones and tablets that provides dispatching and mapping information in an intuitive, natural manner, showing smooth transitions from prior dispatch to new dispatch as the dispatch comes in. Single-touch options include transition between map and satellite imagery, one-touch zoom-in/out, street view image, and location directions. The swiping capability allows emergency personnel to intuitively review all dispatches of the day or after their shift. Individual dispatches can be selected and selectively filtered at a later date. The displays of PrimeAlert® Responder and PrimeAlert® Responder On-The-Go stay in sync as they transition from dispatch to dispatch.

These fire station alerting mapping apps are only available as part of the PrimeAlert® fire station alerting system. PrimeAlert® Responder is normally tied to the PrimeAlert® fire station PC. PrimeAlert® Responder On-The-Go runs on Android and iPhones, as well as tablets and iPads. Software levels required to run PrimeAlert® dispatch mapping are: iOS 9 and above, and Android 4.4 and higher.

“Initial fire station alerting technology has primarily been focused on faster response times and better firefighter environments,” said Glenn Neal, Locution Systems president and founder.  “These new mapping and display applications, both mobile and in-station, help meet the demand we’re seeing for additional data; data that better informs personnel from station to incident.”

PrimeAlert® Responder Highlights

  • Runs on industry-standard TV monitors in fire stations
  • Tied to PrimeAlert® fire station alerting system
  • Displays dispatch information and location of the emergency via satellite or mapping format

PrimeAlert® Responder On-The-Go Highlights

  • Runs on smartphones (iPhone & Android), as well as tablets (iPads & Android-based tablets)
  • Highly interactive
  • Ties into all standard driving direction apps (Google Maps, Apple Maps, others)
  • Displays full dispatch information (incident, address, landmark, incident number, and notes typed into the CAD by the dispatcher)
  • Provides ability to save specific dispatches (allows for review of dispatches after the emergency)

PrimeAlert® Mobile Apps Ideal for Paid & Volunteer Fire-EMS Departments

Mobile station alerting apps are helpful for a variety of scenarios and responders, including:

  • New recruits, or newly transferred responders, at paid fire-EMS departments (New recruits and newly transferred responders may not yet know the area or the landmarks. The smartphone app shows where the incident is located as well as providing single-key access to the smartphone/tablet’s driving direction app which generates detailed directions to the incident.)
  • Volunteers (Strong solution to dispatch all volunteers and wait for them to acknowledge with “Responding” or “Not Responding.”)
  • Paid personnel (Personnel can easily and intuitively review the events of the day, for either reporting or the marking and documenting of important locations.)

About Locution Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1993, Locution Systems, Inc. offers the PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System: a comprehensive and modular suite of fire station alerting technologies for fire and EMS departments including: Automated Voice Alerting; Fire Station Lighting Systems and Visual Alerting Devices and Displays; Fire Station Mechanical Control Technologies for automated control of apparatus bay doors, traffic signals, gates, and shut-off of gas stoves at fire stations; Zoned Fire Station Alerting to reduce sleep deprivation for first responders working at multi-unit fire stations; Fire Station Sound System; and Fire Station Alerting Mobile Dispatch Mapping Apps. PrimeAlert® integrates with standard Computer-Aided Dispatching (CAD) systems operating in most 911 communication centers.  Locution Systems’ fire station alerting system is deployed in small, medium, and large cities and counties throughout North America. It speeds response times to medical emergencies and fires; reduces stress and sleep deprivation for first responders; and reduces 911 call stacking and stress for 911 dispatchers during times of high 911 call volume.  PrimeAlert® currently is serving and protecting more than 34 million people in communities throughout North America.  Locution Systems can be reached at (303) 301-7300, or www.locution.com.



Contact for Media Inquiries:

Courtney DeWinter, DeWinter Marketing & PR Agency, Denver, Colorado

(303) 572-8180, courtney@dewintercomm.com, or www.DeWinterComm.com



SecuLore Solutions Debuts Paladin(TM) Cybersecurity Appliance at APCO 2016

The team at SecuLore Solutions is preparing to debut its Paladin™ appliance in the APCO 2016 Exhibition Hall on August 15 &16, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. The Paladin product is designed for public safety professionals and other organizations seeking to protect networks from intrusion, data extraction, cyber attackers, ransomware and other “client-side” attacks that attempt to extract data or communicate with illegitimate individuals or organizations.

“We’re honored to be part of APCO 2016 and debut the Paladin tool to public safety professionals,” said Timothy Lorello, SecuLore’s President and CEO. “We believe that cybersecurity protection is critical for Public Safety Answering Points and Dispatch Centers that are installing or contemplating Next Generation 9-1-1 solutions.”

The Paladin product complements existing firewalls and other cybersecurity solutions, providing an “invisible permeable shield” that monitors all traffic entering and leaving a network. Its traffic visualization feature shows any anomalies that otherwise may be missed. Further, it provides sophisticated protection that detects and blocks inappropriate traffic flowing in either direction. It offers an elegant solution that attaches directly to external data feeds and requires no software installation.

About APCO: APCO International’s Annual Conference & Expo is the premier event for public safety communications officials, from frontline telecommunicators to comm center managers to public safety communications equipment and services vendors. Starting August 14, APCO 2016 offers four days of educational sessions, committee meetings and special events, paired with two full days of exhibits.

About SecuLore Solutions: To properly protect a network, it is critical to understand how cyber attackers operate. SecuLore Solutions uses ethical hacking techniques to turn the tables on the cyber attacker – protecting data from exposure, corruption and theft. The company’s solutions work independently of operating systems or servers and in conjunction with firewalls and anti-virus/anti-malware products.

HigherGround Integrates with Priority Dispatch to Simplify the QA Process

Access Capture911 recordings directly from AQUA user interface

Canoga Park, CA — August 15, 2016 — Critical communications technology pioneer HigherGround has partnered with Priority Dispatch to simplify the quality assurance process. The HigherGround Capture911 recording solution integrates with Priority Dispatch’s AQUA Evolution product using an Application Program Interface (API) to exchange data. Interactions recorded with Capture911 can now be accessed and searched directly from the AQUA user interface, with just the click of a button.

Access Capture911 Recordings Directly from AQUA User Interface“Our public safety customers will be thrilled with this integration because it allows supervisors to be much more efficient in conducting quality assurance evaluations,” states Terry Ryan, President and CEO of HigherGround. With Aqua Evolution and Capture911, public safety answering point (PSAP) supervisors can document the quality of service telecommunicators provide to the community, as well as determine compliance with recommended quality assurance standards from the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED), Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) and National Emergency Number Association (NENA).

In addition, supervisors have the ability to playback and evaluate interactions which require additional scrutiny, based on characteristics collected from both Priority Dispatch ProQA and the CAD system. The random sampling of recorded interactions is no longer necessary, as the Aqua Evolution integration allows for targeted incident review based on the nature and/or severity of a particular interaction.

For more information on this integration, visit HigherGround at booth #1282 at APCO International’s Annual Conference and Expo in Orlando, FL, August 15-16, 2016.

HigherGround provides reliable recording for critical communications in Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) operations. Our multi-channel recording and incident reconstruction solutions transform data into actionable intelligence, enabling decisions with certainty to optimize operations, enhance operator performance and reduce costs. HigherGround — a proven industry standard — is the OEM recording product of choice for several major companies, and has been deployed in more than 1000 PSAP operations in the past decade.

Priority Dispatch Corp. provides research-based protocol solutions to emergency call centers in medical, fire, police, and nurse triage disciplines. PDC is the only dispatch system provider with an in-house research and development organization and the approval of a recognized body of industry experts, the IAED.


 © 2016 HigherGround, Inc. All rights reserved. HigherGround, Inc., HigherGround and the HigherGround logo are registered marks of HigherGround, Inc. Capture911 is a trademark of HigherGround, Inc. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. 

ADRF Introduces PSR-78-9533 FirstNet Compliant 700/800 MHz Channelized Digital Repeater

A revolutionary public safety repeater with FirstNet support, both narrowband and wideband capabilities, and fully compliant with the latest IFC and NFPA codes  

APCO Annual Conference & Expo, Orlando, FL (PRNewswire) August 15, 2016

Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. (“ADRF” or the “Company”), a leading provider of wireless coverage and capacity solutions for commercial and public safety radio frequencies, announced today the launch of the PSR-78-9533, a channelized digital repeater for Public Safety 700 MHz and 800 MHz frequencies including FirstNet. The PSR-78-9533 solves the problem of indoor coverage for public safety communications through a Fire and Life Safety code-compliant platform that supports both Public Safety 700 MHz and 800 MHz bands without interference with commercial cellular networks.

“We find a growing need for wireless in-building coverage in the public safety market. According to a recent report from MarketsandMarkets, the public safety in-building wireless DAS market size is estimated to grow rapidly from USD 404.2 Million in 2016 to USD 1,740.1 Million by 2021, at an estimated CAGR of 33.9% from 2016 to 2021,” said Julie Song, President of ADRF. “ADRF is proud to be at the forefront of providing code-compliant public safety wireless solutions that meet the rigorous municipal requirements for building occupancy.”

The PSR-78-9533 continues ADRF’s tradition of providing uncompromising performance in its repeaters, recognized throughout the wireless industry for their ease of use, superior filtering, and proven reliability. Its support of both 700 MHz and 800 MHz enables seamless migration from one frequency band to the other to future proof against potential rebanding.

Product Highlights:

  • NFPA 72 2016 code compliant
  • Alarming output to supervised circuits for: antenna, amplifier, AC or DC power supply, battery, and charger failure
  • NEMA 4X compliant enclosure for both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Simultaneously supports FCC Part 90 Class A (narrowband) and Class B (wideband) repeater designations
  • Up to 33 dBm output power per band

ADRF will showcase the PSR-78-9533 at the APCO Annual Conference & Expo, August 15-17, 2016. The PSR-78-9533 will be available for commercial deployment in the fourth quarter of this year. For product pricing and availability, please contact sales@adrftech.com. To learn more, visit www.adrftech.com.

About Advanced RF Technologies, Inc.
Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. (“ADRF”) is an established, leading provider of in-building equipment and services that improve wireless coverage and capacity for the largest service providers and enterprise customers around the world. ADRF’s product suite encompasses distributed antenna systems, repeaters, small cells, antennas, and passive components. ADRF is proud to be certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and has achieved TL 9000 and ISO 9001 certifications. We are also a member of the HetNet Forum, APCO, IWPC, as well as the Northeast DAS Forum. For more information, please visit http://adrftech.com/.

For further information contact:

Seri Yoon

Director, Marketing



ADRF's PSR-78-9533 is fully compliant with the latest IFC and NFPA codes and it supports Public Safety 700 MHz and 800 MHz frequencies including FirstNet.

Comba Telecom Unveils Bi-Directional RF Amplifier for Public Safety Sector

Comba Telecom Unveils Bi-Directional RF Amplifier for Public Safety Sector at APCO 2016

CriticalPoint™ BDA Features Industry Leading Functionality and Flexibility

San Jose, CA & Orlando, FL, August 11, 2016Comba Telecom Inc., a leading wireless solutions provider, announced the launch of its CriticalPoint™ Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) at APCO 2016, which will be held at Orlando, FL on August 14-17.

See Comba at APCO Orlando - booth 1008Designed specifically for the Public Safety sector, the CriticalPoint BDA is a wireless network device that amplifies the RF signals and rebroadcasts it throughout the building where it is deployed.  For First Responders and other Public Safety personnel, the robustness and integrity of the communications network at the location is essential to facilitate in-building communications for the rescue and safety of both First Responders and the public.

Adhering and going beyond the guideline standards defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), the CriticalPoint BDA is constructed with a NEMA 4 chassis and advanced dry contact capabilities to facilitate future NFPA alarming requirements. Additionally, CriticalPoint features mandatory oscillation testing and prevention to minimize feedback and maintain network integrity.

Don Henry, Public Safety Program Manager of Comba Telecom Inc. said “The CriticalPoint BDA is aimed at the North American Public Safety sector and is the result of intensive R&D to bring to market a BDA with industry-leading features.  This includes supporting 32 channels per band, high power efficiency and other features which go beyond the standards defined by the NFPA and NEMA to ensure the product is scalable to future public safety and AHJ requirements. These factors along with attractive pricing means the CriticalPoint BDA has one of the best price/performance ratios and is arguably the best-in-class among similar products on the market today.”

Augustin Chang, President of Comba Telecom Inc. added “APCO 2016 is one of the leading Public Safety conference and expos in North America and we are delighted to officially unveil our CriticalPoint BDA at this event.  We are already working to bring this product to other markets including Canada with imminent IC and UL certification.  Comba Telecom is firmly dedicated to the Public Safety sector and furthering wireless communications in this arena; in fact, we will be offering visitors to APCO 2016 a special preview of our innovative Public Safety fiber DAS equipment that is currently under development.”

CriticalPoint™ BDA Selected Features

  • Supports Public Safety 700/800MHz in dual band or single band models
  • Single band model upgradeable to dual band via purchased license key
  • Class A 32 channels per band
  • High power efficiency (80W single band, 100W dual band)
  • Channelized Auto Gain Control (AGC) / Channelized uplink squelch
  • Built-in mandatory isolation test to prevent BDA oscillation
  • Web based GUI for intelligent configuration, SNMP supported
  • NFPA compliant dry contact alarms
  • NEMA 4 enclosure
  • FCC Approved


CriticalPoint™ BDA is available now from Comba Telecom and business partners.

Comba Telecom APCO Booth No.:        1008

About Comba Telecom Inc.

Comba Telecom, Inc., based in San Jose, California, is a subsidiary of Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Ltd., a $1B publicly traded company and the leading supplier of RF communications solutions and equipment to the wireless industry. With R&D innovating in the heart of Silicon Valley and a manufacturing base in Asia, Comba Telecom packages cutting edge technologies and cost-effective solutions for OEM, integration and operator partners.

With a team of integrated sales, marketing, product management, technical support and services, Comba Telecom Inc. has been serving the North America market for over 10 years.  For more information, please visit www.combausa.com

Media Contact:

Ye Shi  |  (408) 649-2651  |  ye.shi@comba-telecom.com

Beta 80 International Unveils The Tavolo® Flex at APCO 2016

WASHINGTON D.C., USA – August 10, 2016.   Beta 80 International announced that it is unveiling The Tavolo® Flex at APCO 2016 Annual Conference and Expo, one of the largest events for public safety professionals in North America taking place August 14-17 in Orlando, Florida.  The Tavolo® Flex is a touch screen table powered by Beta 80 International’s unique software to support collaborative decision-making and information-sharing with different resources involved in any emergency situation.

The-Tavolo-Launch-pictutr-Press-ReleaseThe Tavolo® Flex is a second version of The Tavolo® which debuted in the United States in 2015.  The Tavolo® Flex is our new version sporting a new design and offers the latest touch screen technology with a tillable 55” screen and wheels to support mobility of the device. The Tavolo® Flex will be available in North America starting in 2017.  This new product combines a functional and beautiful design with unique software for public safety.

The Tavolo® software collects and displays on a map all real time information coming from an agency’s computer aided dispatch (CAD).  It shows live events, dispatches and real-time information through a simple standard communication protocol. The Tavolo® and The Tavolo® Flex can be integrated with any CAD system, creating a high level decision-making platform where public safety command can strategize in all types of events, from large scale crises to routine operations.  The functionalities of The Tavolo® and The Tavolo® Flex include:

  • Complete view of emergency situations and easy access to all information from the CAD;
  • Coordination and managing Law, Fire and Medical resources:
  • Intuitive, multi-user, touch-optimized interface:
  • Direct, two-way interaction with events and resources:
  • Integrated telephone and radio systems to communicate with dispatchers, command staff and first responders:
  • Team preparation for real-life situations and adds versatility to your training environment
  • Multi-layer GIS display and Geospatial mapping tools let you add multiple layers of information:
  • Management of complex and large scale emergency situations: and
  • Creation and management of high risk areas and active incidents defined by free-form drawing tools with clear perimeters.

The Tavolo® software is also available for wall mounted touch screens.

“The introduction of The Tavolo® Flex gives emergency communications centers and public safety answering points (PSAPs) multiple options to use the unique collaborative touch screen technology in managing complex emergencies” said Gregory L. Rohde, Beta 80 International General Manager.  “The Tavolo® and The Tavolo® Flex offerings compliment Beta 80’s iOTM CAD system, providing innovative solutions for the North American public safety market.   The Tavolo® is as practical as a table and as easy as a tablet to use, coming together all in one platform to provide an innovative and effective approach for managing emergencies.

“The first goal of Beta 80 has always been to deliver CAD solutions recognized by the Public Safety Community for their richness in features and reliability. Our relentless commitment to innovation led to the development of The Tavolo®, an integral part of Beta 80 Group’s roadmap to definitively meet the Next Generation challenge” said Francesco Frugiuele, Beta 80 International CEO.  “In our 25 years of activity we’ve met with hundreds of people: from industry leaders to decision makers, to dispatchers and PSAP managers who are committed to public safety every day. We’ve listened to comments and feedback and we were able to notice a clear pattern. One of the biggest issues reported was that PSAPs lacked a tool that allowed managers and dispatchers to have a clear overview of the entire situation and resources.”

About Beta 80 International.  As a subsidiary of Beta 80 Group, Beta 80 International LLC is a Delaware Corporation with its headquarters in Washington, D.C. and oversees all business operations in North America.  Beta 80 Group is an Italian company founded in 1986 in Milan. It provides high tech solutions based on in-house developed software platforms and services. Beta 80 has 25 years of experience in developing customizable software solutions for public safety. Today, our iO™ CAD covers 27 million citizens and manages 17 million calls each year.


If you would like more information, please contact Gregory L. Rohde at + or email at glr@beta80group.com.

NEC’s New iPASOLINK Series Radio Pushes Limits of Radio Performance

NEC’s New iPASOLINK™ Series Radio Pushes Limits of Radio Performance with Highest Power Radio Transmitter Available — Capable of +40dBm

NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading provider and integrator of advanced IT, communications, networking and biometric solutions, will reveal its latest advancement in the iPASOLINK Series Radio at the APCO conference in Orlando, FL.

The iPASOLINK VR1250 is specifically designed to meet the ever increasing demand for greater amounts of data, video, and voice traffic across wireless transport networks, with enhanced convergence capabilities incorporating 12 RF Channels, multiple 10GbE Ethernet Interfaces, as well as multiple CWDM interfaces in a single chassis.

NEC’s iPASOLINK Series of Microwave Radios has a global reputation for initial quality, superior performance and long term reliability. This latest addition provides support for over 10Gbps transport across Optical and/or Microwave channels in a compact 3RU chassis. Redundant, robust and efficient carrier-class switches deliver over 100Gbps of switching capacity, while drawing minimal power. With few exceptions, backward compatibility with existing NEC transmitter/receivers allows cost effective migration from NLite Series and iPASOLINK 250/650.

With support for transmit power up to +40dBm, adaptive modulation rates from QPSK up to 4096QAM and channel bandwidths up to 80MHz, the iPASOLINK VR1250 has the most cost effective bits per buck transmit rates in the industry. Nodal capacity increases to 12 channels, with available Layer 1 bonding of up to 8 RF channels in a single LAG. NEC’s patented cross-polarity interference cancellation techniques guarantee maximum throughput, with highly reliable system performance, utilizing fewer RF channels.

The increased power output provides the capability to design longer path lengths with smaller antennas, while maintaining critical system availability, ensuring low CAPEX. The iPASOLINK design reflects NEC’s commitment to its Smart Enterprise initiative as well as the outstanding reliability NEC products are known for. Smart Enterprise provides an IT communications infrastructure that allows companies to have a more predictive business that they can operate at a lower cost and empowers them to be more competitive. iPASOLINK protects budgets with low OPEX, and TCO that you expect from NEC.

“The release of the iPASOLINK VR1250 is proof that NEC continues to invest in technology and development advancements as many of its competitors focus on divesting products and reductions in their workforce,” said Matt Engelmann, vice president for NEC Corporation of America. “We expect the VR1250 will certainly disrupt the market with its greater feature sets supporting critical communications across converged networks while driving down clients’ OPEX and CAPEX. Clients are gravitating to NEC due to our staying power, continued technology investment and financial stability, as these factors increasingly become more important to our customers.”

NEC representatives will be on site and available to discuss the new iPASOLINK VR1250 at the upcoming APCO conference, booth #427, August 14-17 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. We look forward to seeing you there!

NEC Launches iPASOLINK EX Advanced, 10Gbps High Capacity Radio

NEC Introduces iPASOLINK EX Advanced, 10Gbps High Capacity Radio, taking a major step forward in Boosting E-Band technology.

NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading provider and integrator of advanced IT, communications, networking and biometric solutions, will reveal its new iPASOLINK EX Advanced radio at the APCO conference in Orlando, FL. An ultra-compact radio communication system utilizing Adaptive Modulation and Bandwidth together enabling 10Gbps wireless throughput capacity in a single channel.

This transmission capacity delivers carrier grade Ethernet functionality (H-QoS, ERPS) and is equivalent to that of optical fibers, making the new product ideal for use in mobile backhaul networks for high-speed mobile services, such as LTE-Advanced and 5G. The new radio, adopting E-band millimeter wave frequency range (71-86GHz), achieves low latency and high transmission capacity of 10Gbps within a single channel, more than three times higher than NEC’s previous iPASOLINK EX model.

The new product’s Adaptive Modulation and Bandwidth Radio (AMBR) feature enables dynamic adjustment of its modulation method and communication bandwidth according to the particular application, weather conditions and link distance, allowing it to maintain high quality network connections even in the most adverse weather conditions. The new iPASOLINK EX Advanced is approximately 30% smaller than the previous iPASOLINK EX model, improving site acquisition and installation costs. The integrated 10GbE interfaces allows it to efficiently transmit high capacity data via optical fiber to core networks.

“As data demands have increased, capacity has become a significant concern for network planners who need to ensure throughput, security and availability,” said Matt Engelmann, vice president for NEC Corporation of America. “These concerns apply to all transport mediums and I am pleased to confirm our new radios like iPASOLINK Ex Advanced meet these demands and help transport network operators deliver higher quality network services for enhanced user experience. These enhancements are industry leading and indicative of NEC’s continued investment in radio technology.”

NEC representatives will be on site and available to discuss the new iPASOLINK EX Advanced at the upcoming APCO conference, booth #427, August 14-17 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. We look forward to seeing you there!

Cobham & TRX System Launch Integrated LMR Testing Solution

Cobham & TRX Systems Launch Integrated LMR Testing Solution

Integrated solution to be showcased at APCO International Conference and Expo, August 15 and 16, 2016 at the Orange County Convention Center (Cobham Booth #1618 and TRX Booth #1507)

ORLANDO, Florida—Cobham and TRX Systems announce that the Cobham 3550R and the 8800 Series Radio Test Sets are now fully integrated with the TRX NEON® Signal Mapper application in an automated solution that simplifies and dramatically reduces the time required for indoor LMR testing. NEON Signal Mapper automates the geo-referencing, cloud storage, and 3D visualization of LMR test data for technicians who use the 3550R and the 8800SX test sets to record and analyze two-way radio signals inside buildings.

Cobam and TRX Systems“We are excited to provide these unique testing solutions for our customers,” said Rob Barden, Director of Product Marketing at Cobham AvComm. “The TRX indoor location technology, when integrated with the 3550R and the 8800SX, further enhances the unique capabilities of the AvComm portable test sets.”

The Cobham 3550R is the industry’s first 1 GHz hand-held, rugged radio test system with a large color display and touch-screen operation. At just 8.3 pounds and packaged in a magnesium alloy case, the Cobham 3550R is the industry’s toughest and most portable radio test set. Combining many features of a benchtop radio test set with the added capabilities of VSWR and Distance to Fault analysis, the 3550R is perfect for testing radio transceivers, whether on the bench or in remote locations.

The Cobham 8800SX is designed for maximum test efficiency. With the industry’s largest color touch-screen display, its unique “fast-stack” user interface, user-defined presets, customer frequency lists, and its ability to handle up to 125 W of direct power; test professionals can set up analog and digital meters and test functions. Complete with AM, FM, P25, P25 Phase II, DMR, dPMR™, NXDN™, and ARIB T98 test functionalities, the 8800SX is fully equipped for testing mission critical radios.

Integrating NEON’s capability to automatically collect geo-referenced test data with the 3550R and the 8800SX saves valuable time and money by:

  • Automatically calculating indoor location and correlating with radio signal data, eliminating manual check-ins
  • Removing data recording errors caused by incorrect location estimates in complex buildings through automatic indoor path determination
  • Providing continuous logging of data with a high density of data points, including within typically difficult to map stairwells, elevators, and tunnels
  • Supporting rapid analysis of signal coverage with 3D visualization and easy export of time-stamped data

With this new TRX-Cobham solution, it is possible to collect accurate, actionable data in every part of a building. This includes elevators and stairwells, which 2D manual solutions struggle to address. The solution also provides end users with centralized access to all of the location information that has been logged via NEON Cloud Service. The seamless geo-referencing and 3D visualization of multiple, simultaneous LMR measurements from the 3550R and the 8800SX test sets – both indoors and out – allows the integrated solution to provide a correlated “Signal Quality” rating with every step taken through the building.

“Cobham AvComm is a leader in LMR testing and we are delighted to work with them to deliver indoor location and mapping technology integrated with Cobham test solutions for public safety, commercial and industrial applications,” said Jeff Kunst, Vice President of Product Development at TRX. “NEON Signal Mapper’s 3D location and visualization capabilities are perfectly aligned with the needs of professionals who conduct in-building testing of LMR networks.”

About Cobham

Cobham protects lives and livelihoods with its differentiated technology and know-how, operating with a deep insight into customer needs and agility. The Group offers an innovative range of technologies and services to solve challenging problems in harsh environments across commercial, defence and security markets, from deep space to the depths of the ocean, specialising in meeting the growing demand for data, connectivity and bandwidth.

About Cobham AvComm

Improving your operational efficiency with faster on-site test solutions.

We are a global leader in avionics, communications and synthetic test, monitoring and control for commercial, government and military applications.

Our integrated, portable solutions enable our customers to carry out simultaneous testing on-site, reducing downtime of mission critical platforms and increasing operational efficiency.

About TRX Systems

TRX Systems is the developer of the NEON Indoor Location Solution, delivering location and mapping indoors, underground and in dense urban areas where GPS is not available or is unreliable. NEON delivers ubiquitous, low-cost, 3D indoor location through the use of advanced sensor fusion, ranging, and patented dynamic mapping algorithms.

TRX Systems is the recipient of the 2015 Silver Edison Award for innovation in the Navigation and Robotics category, the Tibbetts Award given by the U.S. Small Business Administration for innovation and economic impact of research and development, the TEDCO ICE Award for Corporate Excellence and the Innovator Award from the Chesapeake Regional Tech Counsel (CRTC). TRX’s indoor location software development has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the U.S. Army and the Department of Homeland Security.


GeoComm Exhibiting and Presenting at the APCO 2016 Annual Conference and Expo

August 8, 2016

St. Cloud, MN:  GeoComm, an industry leading provider of public safety GIS solutions, will be at the 2016 APCO Annual Conference and Expo being held August 14-17 in Orlando, Florida.  GeoComm is looking forward to sharing the latest industry developments with GIS for Public Safety, particularly for Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) at our booth number 1218.

GEOCOMM_LOGO_BlackRGBKey products and services that will be showcased at APCO 2016 booth include:

Enterprise GIS Data Management Solutions:  Our Enterprise GIS Data Management Solutions that enable users to take control of their GIS data and meet NG9-1-1 requirements. These solutions empower agencies interested in managing their own public safety GIS data but do not have all the tools they need to build GIS data that meets or exceeds 9-1-1 MSAG accuracy and provision it into a live NG9-1-1 system.

GIS Service Package Offerings: We offers three different levels for updating and developing your GIS data.  Our basic package includes the GIS layers required by NENA’s NG9-1-1 GIS standard, while our standard package adds the layers strongly recommended by NENA for NG9-1-1, and the premium package further includes ongoing GIS maintenance for three years.

GeoLynx Server: NG9-1-1 PSAP Mapping System: GeoLynx Server combines detailed GIS base maps with real-time emergency call handling telephony, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), and other real-time and historic emergency event data. GeoLynx Server is ideal for emergency call handling centers, emergency operations centers, and homeland and national security environments. It is part of a vendor agnostic, end-to-end NG9-1-1 GIS solution that can interoperate with any vendor brand of NG9-1-1 PSAP and network equipment.

In addition to our many booth activities, GeoComm’s Senior Product Manager Brooks Shannon along with Mike King from Esri, and Todd Piett from Rave Mobile Safety on  Leveraging Your GIS Investment for Location Accuracy breakout session on Monday, August 15, 2016 from 4:20 – 5:20 p.m.

Session overview:

As PSAP’s embrace the challenge to improve indoor location accuracy, GIS provides best-practice tools and templates for the address validation process. In this session, attendees will hear from GIS experts about new developments in the field. There will be real-life examples of how “z coordinate” (elevation) intelligence and 3-D cityscape and building interior renderings are being used to reduce response times. The session will also include the results of real-life indoor location testing and explore what indoor mapping may look like at the PSAP of the future.

More about our presenter:

Brooks Shannon has been involved in the public safety software industry for 12 years, helping to build GIS-centric software applications used by hundreds of agencies nationwide.  He serves on NENA’s i3 Architecture, and ECRV/LVF  working groups, the joint APCO/NENA EIDD working group, and has participated in six NENA ICE events.

About GeoComm: GeoComm (www.geo-comm.comwas founded in 1995 to provide county governments with turnkey emergency 9-1-1 development services. Over the subsequent 20 years, the company has grown to serve more than 12,000 dispatchers in 800 emergency 9-1-1 call centers in the United States, helping to keep more than 84 million people safe. Today, GeoComm has a national reputation as a leading provider of geographic information and communication systems for 9-1-1. The company’s systems route emergency calls to the appropriate call center, map the caller’s location on call taker or dispatcher maps, and guide emergency responders to the scene of the incident on mobile displays within police, fire and ambulance vehicles