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What we do

Our organization operates all across the world, but more specifically in areas with lots of children targeted by poverty.

Our main goal is to create campaigns and help these communities. We are aiming to increase the survival rate in communities affected by poverty and war. Children often end up in the middle of such conflicts. They have nothing to do with them, but they get caught up in one way or another. From this point of view, we try to create campaigns to help them move forward, whether it comes to food, medical attention or education.

We believe in a fair world for everyone. Unfortunately, some of us are not as lucky as others. Children born in areas affected by wars or poverty are limited when it comes to their living conditions, medical access, education or even food. Our campaigns aim to help these communities and provides children with the basic requirements for a proper growth. On the same note, it is worth noting that we operate all across the world.

Children all across the world struggle with various issues. If you think these problems affect third world countries only, you are wrong. Such communities are everywhere, including civilized western countries. Our campaigns go in more directions – anywhere from South and North America to Africa and Asia. Some of the communities we help require hospitals or schools, while others need protection against war and other disasters. Our campaigns have been pretty successful so far, whether they involved communities or single individuals.

Imagine, Evolve, Influence

Our organization started as a group of volunteers willing to gather donations for communities affected by poverty and war. We started our activities in 2016. With time, we have managed to gather around over 50 volunteers.

Over the past years, we have grown into a full charity organization, meaning we are well regulated and we get support from all over the world.

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Many of our projects target countries in Africa. While we do try, we know that it is impossible to help every single community out there, so we often end up partnering with other charities as well. We have also run a few successful campaigns in South America – mostly aimed at communities with high poverty rates. Some of our work has been successful in Asia as well and we are proud to say that we have managed to erect more than 10 schools and over 15 small medical institutions. We believe that everyone can contribute and help the less fortunate ones.

Who we help

If you wonder who we try to help or what our priorities are, you should know that our work goes in multiple directions.

Most of our work has been aimed at communities. We have helped communities struggling in poverty, with no access to medical supplies or education. We have also helped individual cases, such as children from poor communities with various medical affections. People from all over the world contribute – whether by direct debits on a monthly basis or over donation websites for specific cases. We know that our work will never end, so we are open to any type of help we can get.

Food and water

For communities struggling with poverty.

For communities struggling with poverty.

For communities with no access to medical supplies.

Books and education

Books and education

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